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Current Progress
Turn 1 [Complete 10/5/2013]
Turn 2 [In Progress]

<RBO> Technics Now Recruiting Tanks and Dedicated Players

Currently Looking For
- 1 Primary Tank Spot (Non-Lalafell PLD Preferred)
- 1 Primary Healer Spot (Must have SCH, with addition to WHM is a plus)
- 1 Primary DPS Meta (High DPS, attentive player with several Level 50 DPS classes, with a few geared)

I'll keep this intro brief, but I am looking for people who are interested in doing legitimate makeup and runs of progression. I am looking for PUG members for our temporary recruit LS, and If you like my style and format of Full Party / End-Game, you are welcome to join.

Technics x RBO

About Leader / Gray Spy
I have extensive endgame Raid Lead experience from WoW for over 5 years and have done a lot of the privileged / gated content that many have not in the heydays of endgame raiding. I have played several MMO's extensively (FFXI and World of Warcraft for the last 10 years).

Strategies / Morale / Coaching
I am extremely organized and try to have all the answers or have people in our group research methods and answers. Also, I have clear working formulas for coaching and abilities to be charismatic for the group and we will see through endgame content if you have not had any sort of opportunity with other games or had your own success story, now is your chance.

About <RBO> (Technics)
A lot of my FC is a close group of real life friends who are hardcore MMO veterans like me. We're hardcore casual. When I say that, I mean we do have some hardcore methods, but definitely we are casual in a sense that there's no scheduled 16 hour grind sessions anymore. We have careers and real jobs and high profile lifestyles to maintain. We are a tight-nit group, and not looking to make a mass group. Ideally we will have 24 active players to fill for future content, and multiple run groups, but for now I am trying to build the base. Usually we have about 3-4 core members active of our 25 core, and we're looking for people to fill our ranks.

WED/THUR/SUN 9:00PM EDT Schedule (Pending, will accommodate team. We will attempt nightly for 1-3 hours)
- Be a Team Player (If you need help with this, let me know ahead of time so we can arrange a 1 on 1 consultation on how to be better)
- Must have Mic / Ventrilo / Mumble (If you are on PS3, you need to have it still. No excuses. Use a cellphone so you can listen for coordination)
- Bring your A GAME (Know your class, or read about it.)
- MUST be a team player (This includes needing to sit out, so we can try other compositions that work for the progression team)
- Gear is NOT a requirement, but a PLUS. I do not care what gear you have, but I will expect you to obtain what is necessary to make a run possible (This includes endless farming, if called for.)

Long Term Plan
2-3 run groups planned for Coil of Bahamut and 24 Man Content (When our groups develop there)
We will have scheduled content for various schedules / time slots available (East / West | Early / Late)
Our maximum capacity / membership pool will be exclusive cap to 35-40 people tops (For subs, alternates, etc.)

Closing Statement
Again, if you like my methodology and run style, you are welcome to apply for our FC. We have a base of around 25 friends who all know each other either through previous MMO's and real life. This is the perfect opportunity for those who have not done high-end gaming content before, and we will guide you.

Take care,
Gray Spy

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