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So if you’re like us, and want to travel Eorzea, the fastest way that we know of right now is by Chocobo. Besides, who doesn’t want a Chocobo? First of all, it looks cool, you can give it Barding (change how it looks) and you simply save so much time riding a Chocobo vs. walking around.

The moment we stepped foot in FFXIV, we wanted a Chocobo. The problem was, searching for a step by step guide on how to get a Chocobo in FFXIV was not easy! A couple of forums gave hints on what level you get a Chocobo, some sites showed the requirements for a Chocobo, some sites suggested various levels… We also had questions about how to use a Chocobo, and how Chocobo’s can be used as pets for fighting, etc. So here we go! As detailed as possible, FFXIV A Realm Reborn Chocobo Guide!


    1 - You must be at least Level 20

    2 - You should have completed the Level 20 story quest ‘Hero in the Making‘

    3 - You must be part of a Grand Company

    4 - Finish the quest ‘My Little Chocobo’ given by your Company Commander.

    5 - Have a ‘Chocobo Whistle‘ in your inventory to summon your Chocobo as a mount

    6 - Use a ‘Gysahl Green’ to summon your chocobo for battle***

Quest to receive your Chocobo: My Little Chocobo
1. After pledging allegiance to your chosen Grand Company, speak to your Grand Company Commander to get the quest

2. You will now need 2,000 company seals to purchase a Chocobo Issuance.

The quickest way to earn 1,000 seals, we noticed, is to do Company Leves, it takes only a few to earn 1,000 seals, if you maximize the bonuses. Company Leve locations are as follows:

Moraby Drydocks in Lower La Noscea for The Maelstrom
Hawthorne Hut in the East Shroud for The Order of the Twin Adder
Camp Drybone in Eastern Thanalan for The Immortal Flames
If you have started crafting, you can also submit crafted items to earn seals through Delivery Missions.
To see how many seals you have, click on your Gil indicator and it will show your Seals
FATES are a great way to farm seals and EXP! Never pass up on a FATE!

Delivery Missions and Company Leves Interfaces:

3. Purchase a Chocobo Issuance from your Grand Company Quartermaster

4. Present the Chocobo Issuance to the stablemaster at the Chocobo Stable located in the city of your allegiance and receive a Chocobo Whistle.

5. Name your new Chocobo

Notes on How to use your Chocobo
You will find your Chocobo Whistle in your inventory, we suggest equipping this to an action bar, using the whistle will summon your Chocobo as a mount.
Locations where you cannot use Chocobos: city-states and dungeons.
Dismount from your Chocobo by clicking on the Chocobo Whistle.
Personal chocobos are faster than rental chocobos.
You will be detected by enemies as they would if they were on foot.
While mounted, if a chocobo takes too much damage, it will escape back to his stables.

How to fight with your Chocobo? or include in your Party

1. You must first be Level 30 with a Disciple of War of Magic class to unlock the needed quest! (Details on that soon)

2. Please make sure you have Gysahl Greens, without greens you cannot use your Chocobo in battle. Where do you buy Gysahl Greens?

Gridania: Maisenta – Vendor NW of Aetheryte Plaza
Limsa Lomania: Bango Zango – Only vendor in Aetheryte Plaza
Ul’dah: Roarich – Vender SE of Aetheryte Plaza, Ruby Road Exchange

3. How to summon your chocobo, or how to fight with a Chocobo? Use a Gysahl Green to summon your chocobo.

Gyashl Greens will be in your inventory
Use a Gyashl Green to summon your chocobo, it will now be part of your party, and hence take a party space
You can order your Chocobo to take on different roles in the party (Free, Attacker, Defender, and Healer Stances)

4. To withdraw your chocobo from the party, use the Withdraw command, see details below

What can I do with my Chocobo? Chocobo Actions & Traits?

In the Actions & Traits screen, click on Companions to see what actions you can do with your Chocobo.

Chocobo FAQ’s

Q. How long will a Gysahl green last?
A. We are currently unaware of how long a Gysahl green will last

Q. Do certain Grand Companies give Chocobos?
A. All Grand Companies will have a quest to obtain a Chocobo!